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Refer to the Introducing Optune Dialogue Tool to help you answer questions and get patients started on Optune.

Offer patients the Buddy Program brochure to encourage enrollment in this patient-to-patient program.

4 steps to help you integrate Optune into practice

Click on these 4 steps to help you integrate Optune into practice

    • Coordinated approach

      A coordinated approach with your multidisciplinary team is key for ensuring consistent communication with patients and caregivers

    • Present Optune® in a way that addresses your patient's needs and concerns

      Present Optune in a way that addresses your patient's needs and concerns

    • nCompass™ 24-hour assistance

      Remind patients and caregivers about the support available to them through nCompass®

    • The Buddy Program allows your patients to speak with current Optune® users

      Recommend the Buddy Program. It allows your patients to speak with current Optune users who can share their personal experiences using Optune. Go to Optune Buddy Program Enrollment

    • Reinforce the treatment plan

      Reinforce the treatment plan at subsequent visits

    Introducing Optune® Dialogue Tool

    Introducing Optune Dialogue Tool

    Find patient-friendly language to assist you in discussing Optune with patients and caregivers.

    View this PDF
    Optune® Exchange
    Speak to a peer

    For help discussing Optune with colleagues, patients, and caregivers, sign up today for an educational session from an experienced peer.

    • Office submits prescription

      Submit: Office submits complete prescription order.

      nCompass will begin the benefits investigation on behalf of your patient. After submission, your assistance may be needed. If so, you will be contacted by an nCompass team member.

    • Optune® treatment kit

      Support: Once the prescription is processed, the Optune Treatment Kit is delivered to your patient's designated Device Support Specialist (DSS).

    • DSS delivers Optune® treatment kit

      Initiate: DSS delivers the Optune Treatment Kit to your patient and completes technical training in the home (or clinic).

    nCompass™ brochure

    See the nCompass brochure for more information and Patient support to learn how nCompass supports patients at every step of their journey.

    • Schedule follow-ups with your patients

      Schedule a follow-up with your patient 2 weeks after initiation to encourage a positive response.

    • Review the Optune® skin care guidelines

      Discuss integrating Optune into daily life and proper skin care, as managing skin-related AEs is paramount to optimizing time on therapy.

    Management Guidelines for Dermatologic Adverse Events (dAEs) brochure

    Management Guidelines for Dermatologic Adverse Events (dAEs) brochure

    This brochure provides guidance to you and your practice for identifying, preventing, and managing dAEs for Optune users.

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  • Maintaining treatment with Optune is critical for the realization of maximal treatment benefit

    • Review the monthly Optune® Usage Report

      Review the monthly Optune Usage Report to help

      • Gain insights into how well each patient is adjusting to treatment with Optune
      • Establish usage goals that are appropriate for each patient
    • Patient and caregiver customer support

      Each patient can also contact their Device Support Specialist (DSS) for tips to help optimize their time on Optune.

    Monthly usage fact sheet

    Monthly usage fact sheet

    Learn how a greater survival benefit was achieved with increased Optune use.

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    MyLink makes usage data collection easier

    • MyLink™ lets your patients easily upload their Optune® device data

      MyLink lets your patients easily upload their Optune device data to the remote storage server from the comfort of their homes

    • MyLink™ helps to increase Novocure's virtual patient support capability

      Increases Novocure’s virtual patient support capability and enables your Novocure DSS to better support your patients

    • MyLink™ provides you with the usage information you need

      Provides you the usage information you need to monitor their treatment

    MyLink™ Quick Reference Card

    MyLink Quick Reference Card

    Introduces patients to the MyLink hardware and provides a step-by-step guide of how to use it.

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Managing GBM remotely? Optune continues to be a viable treatment choice

These telemedicine best practices have been developed to address the evolving nature of patient care.

  1. Scheduling
    • Have a dedicated staff for scheduling
    • Obtain verbal consent from patients
    • Remind patients that the appointment start time may vary
  2. Preparation
    • Dial in to virtual platform early to address potential technical issues
    • Pull up all files to be shared in advance
  3. Conducting
    • Have participants introduce themselves (can include caregiver)
    • Speak slowly, clearly, and concisely
    • Encourage patients and/or caregivers to take notes
    • Leave time for patients and caregivers to ask questions
  4. Concluding
    • Have the patient and/or caregiver read back the counsel provided
    • Determine if telemedicine is right for the individual patient
Dr. Ballo leads a discussion on remote cancer management with Tumor Treating Fields (TTFields)

Case Study – Utilizing Telemedicine for Cancer Management

Watch Dr. Ballo share a case study from his practice on remote cancer management with TTFields using telemedicine.

nCompass™ brochure

nCompass brochure

Learn about the well-established suite of services available to your patients using Optune.

View this PDF

Contact nCompass for all support needs

Patients can call nCompass™ any time of the day at 1-855-281-9301

Call us any time of day:

1-855-281-9301 (toll-free)

Patients can email nCompass™ at support@novocure.com

Or email us:


Watch Dr. Khagi’s video as he shaves his head in solidarity with his patients and sees first hand what wearing Optune is like

Indications For Use

Optune is intended as a treatment for adult patients (22 years of age or older) with histologically-confirmed glioblastoma multiforme (GBM).